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Circular Slovakia

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Transition to circular economy

A circular economy aims to maintain the value of products, materials and resources for as long as possible while minimising the generation of waste and the use of new resources. When a product reaches the end of its life, its materials are kept within the economy wherever possible. These can be productively used again and again, thereby creating further value.

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Circular economy - future of the development of Slovakia

The publication aims at informing on importance of the transition to the circular economy, its economic, environmental and social impacts and benefits, international starting points, and situation in Slovakia. At the same time through presenting positive examples of performed activities and projects it has the ambition to become a means for making experience accessible and exchange experience as well as its presentation, also in relation to the international level. This publication is one of the contributions of the MoE SR to support the introduction of the principles of the circular economy to the Slovak economy. To all interested groups provides trends,interviews with representatives of the state administration, the scientific community and the non-profit organization, examples of good practices and projects to promote acceleration the transition to the circular economy.
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